Gastronomic fairs of Colombia.

The Colombian capital is a city with a lot to offer, its cultural diversity, nightlife, museums, its pleasant average temperature of 14 ° C and its modern and colonial buildings, make it one of the most visited destinations in the country.

Taste Barranquilla

During three days an event is held that highlights the culinary values ​​of the Caribbean and highlights the different currents of the dishes between the indigenous, European and African culture through its maximum exponents. Every year, international, national and local chefs participate in the fair, all of great trajectory, concentrating dozens of exhibitors who show their creations to the world. A festival created in order to highlight the most emblematic dishes of Barranquilla.

A space where chefs of national and international recognition meet to season Barranquilla with recipes, tricks and culinary tips for all palates and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy areas for the exchange of gastronomic knowledge, spaces of delight towards good table and commercial points.


The fair has a cooking contest for amateurs where a stage is adapted for attendees to enjoy the event, and every year there is a guest country, where the chefs representing the nation prepare the best dishes and traditional flavors of their territory.

In this event you can taste seafood, ceviche fish, patacones, rice with coconut, fried, desserts and fruit juices are part of the dishes, made with local ingredients that are found throughout the year. One of the most visited sections is the desserts, as well as the space where the cocktails are.

A festival with many ingredients and good seasoning that will bring you closer to the culinary culture of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Feed you

El Virrey Park is the location of one of the oldest and most important gastronomy fairs in Colombia, a meeting not only to delight and enjoy the flavors of Colombian cuisine, but to help with social causes.

In this event, different activities are carried out for the attendees, such as master classes, live cooking programs, sales of items with great promotions and, additionally, a program of peasant markets is carried out, where the objective is to bring producers and businessmen closer together Colombians with the great restaurants of the country and with the visitors of the event.

A space to enjoy the gastronomic variety, not only from Colombia, but from different parts of the world, in addition to knowing different cultures because you can enjoy selling crafts, bands and more activities for families

During the tour of this gastronomic event there is a compulsory show at the exhibition called “Knitting Knowledge of the Indigenous People in Bogotá”, where several indigenous artists exhibit their creations that refer to the trees and the strength of the indigenous peoples who have migrated to the Colombian capital.

Bogotá Wine & Food Festival

This festival is ideal for lovers of wines and good food, this event is joined by the world’s leading chefs, stars of enology and mixology in Colombia, to offer unique experiences in the restaurants and bars of the capital, In addition, 100% of ticket sales are destined for the execution of social projects that contribute to the construction of a better country.

Here you will be surrounded by expert chefs in gastronomy and wines willing to teach, talk about various topics and make known their exquisite preparations, you will also enjoy lectures, tastings, tastings and many more activities, as well as find a wide variety of national and international wines all types.

Gastronomic Congress of Popayán

Popayán is a beautiful Colombian town, an ideal place to take a break and enjoy its landscapes, but above all its food and to honor its culinary culture, every year the National Gastronomy Congress is held every year, an event loaded with academic value that reveals new flavors and proposals.

Every year, Popayán welcomes students, chefs, gastronomy enthusiasts, agricultural producers and companies in the food and beverage sector and who exhibit a range of gastronomic and cultural surprises that make a real party of flavors during all the days of the congress.

If you plan to vacation in Colombia during the month of September you can not stop visiting and delighting this conference, where talks, workshops, meetings of different schools of gastronomy are held, besides tasting delicious patillos. You will also spend a very entertaining moment enjoying exhibitions and concerts.

Also, did you know that Popayán is the first city of gastronomy in Colombia within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network? That’s right, a title that has allowed the region to expand its borders and create commercial, institutional and academic relationships. A delicious experience that you should not miss!

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