The most beautiful cities in Latin America

The Colombian capital is a city with a lot to offer, its cultural diversity, nightlife, museums, its pleasant average temperature of 14 ° C and its modern and colonial buildings, make it one of the most visited destinations in the country.

The most beautiful corners of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Known as “the Paris of South America” ​​the capital of Argentina keeps a myriad of charms that make it unique, as you walk through its streets you will observe its architecture that will transport you to a colonial era, where the deco and neoclassical art that coexist to show the perfect combination between traditional and contemporary. Their culture is felt and felt in every corner, this incredible city offers unforgettable experiences that are entertaining, very enriching and that you can not stop enjoying if you plan to travel to this wonderful metropolis.

La Boca neighborhood: one of the most visited by tourists, walking during the day is the most recommended to appreciate their brightly colored houses that were built by Italian immigrants with materials left over from the maritime trade and that will undoubtedly leave you captivated . In this area there is a very famous street known as Caminito, its name comes from a famous tango song composed by Gabino Coria Peñaloza and that bears that name, the area is an open-air museum of great cultural and tourist value where you can observe couples dancing tango on its cobblestone streets, an artisan market where paintings, souvenirs, handicrafts and paintings are sold.


La Recoleta: full of elegance and romance, concentrates important buildings of the city of remarkable beauty with a French style, has large parks of beautiful greenery, museums and several places to entertain. As areas of interest are the Recoleta cemetery, the Church of Our Lady of Pilar and the Grand Splendid theater, in the latter is currently the El Ateneo Bookshop and is an icon of the area, its spaces are extraordinary and impressive, a place that is worth visiting so do not go buy books or read, because where once were the seats and balconies are now hundreds of books, and its stage works like a cafeteria.

la recoleta argentina

Palermo: is the most extensive and cosmopolitan neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires, one of its charms is the architecture of its houses that still conserve the massive original openings, with high ceilings and with a central patio. The beautiful Avenues of Palermo, its green landscape full of trees and elegant homes make this place an ideal destination for tourists, in addition this picturesque barium is full of thematic bars, restaurants, art galleries, design houses that are worth visiting and discover.

palermo argentina

The picturesque Valparaiso, Chile

Its historical case is a World Heritage Site and is one of the most picturesque cities in Chile, the architecture of their homes, deployed in the hills near the bay, exhibit a mixture of eccentricities, ancient wealth and colorful walls that together with street art It gives an air of modernity to this characteristic place. Its historic buildings house hotels, shops, famous restaurants and museums, without a doubt, Valparaiso is a colorful landscape facing the sea that is worth enjoying!

Discover the stories that hide the stairs, lifts and picturesque homes of the Cerros Alegre and Concepcion, typical areas of the city and where you will live experiences that will leave memorable memories. Going through its small streets and stairs is getting lost in beautiful murals and a beautiful landscape that gives you the ocean, its cafes and bohemian style that characterize these emblematic scenarios.

valparaiso chile

To visit these hills you can make use of the funicular, vehicles that are used to communicate the low areas of the city, in Valparaiso there are 16 elevators and the so-called El Peral is the one that connects Alegre and Concepción hills. Many of them still maintain their original appearance and stand out for being picturesque wooden wagons of different colors on rails, which combine with the facades of their emblematic houses.

el peral chile

To delve into the culture of Valparaiso you can visit La Sebastiana, a museum house belonging to the poet Pablo Neruda. By doing the tour you can enjoy a visit to the past and discover on each floor the life and the most glorious moments who was its owner. You also have the opportunity to review the work of the poet in different languages ​​his life through an exhibition of biographical photographs.

la sebastiana chile

Live the experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in South America and that will leave you breathless, colorful, full of life and you can contemplate its spectacular views and its sinuous mountains, as well as enjoy its famous beaches and carnivals. It is a fascinating and diverse destination, the home of cariocas, an iconic culture and one of the most touristic places in Brazil. Get ready, explore and feel the most of this experience in Rio!
The most emblematic place that you find in Rio de Janeiro is 709 meters above sea level, it is impressive and welcomes you with open arms, it is known as the Christ the Redeemer and it is a statue that measures 30 meters high, a viewpoint where You will enjoy a wonderful landscape of the city in 360 degree vision, to get there you can use a funicular.

rio de janeiro brasil

From any part of the city you can see a suggestive rock, known as “Pan de Azucar”, another of the stops you must make in Rio de Janeiro. Although its name is due to the shape of a clay mold that was used to refine sugar this site is a green paradise, it is surrounded by nature and is ideal for taking photos, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of everything River.

pan de azucar brasil

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beaches, but there is an exclusive neighborhood that is full of trendy shops and luxury restaurants, it is called Ipanema, here you will also enjoy art galleries and craft markets. You can visit the National Historical Museum that houses one of the most incredible collections of art, documents, weapons and pieces related to the history of Brazil.

ipanema brazil

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